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© Bob  Miller PhotoID# 14753465: Red Cabbage Abstracts        slide show (18)

© Bob  Miller PhotoID# 15288102: Toucan- Brazil Panthanal Birds        slide show (28)

© Bob  Miller PhotoID# 11509781: Snow Geese At Bombay Bombay Hook De        slide show (30)
This is an ongoing project ( since 2007) to portray the beauty of this marshland in Delaware

© Bob  Miller PhotoID# 14783365: Water Lily Botanicals        slide show (40)

© Bob  Miller PhotoID# 13600681: Eagle9-2012 Eagles and other birds of preyof Prey        slide show (36)
Most of These photos were taken At Conowingo Dam in Md.and in Florida

© Bob  Miller PhotoID# 8445809: Frozen Light        slide show (21)
This project begun in 2007 consists of images of ice taken along a local creek

© Bob  Miller PhotoID# 11803913: Shipwreck- Fraser Island Australia Impermanence        slide show (21)
A life long project that looks at the Passage of Time..."Everything Passes"

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© Bob  Miller PhotoID# 13619742: Insects        slide show (25)

© Bob  Miller PhotoID# 15288113: Soulmates Mind Games        slide show (45)
This selection of photos is fantasy....thinking outside the box

© Bob  Miller PhotoID# 8474081: Sailing on The Severn Miscellaneous        slide show (20)

© Bob  Miller PhotoID# 14032214: Smith Island Sunrise Natural Landscapes        slide show (34)
Landscapes from around the World and at home

© Bob  Miller PhotoID# 8431167: The Elephant Trainer Occupations        slide show (28)
This is a life long project to photograph archetypal people that represent an occupation

© Bob  Miller PhotoID# 14809354: Mexican Cowboy People        slide show (41)

© Bob  Miller PhotoID# 15288069: Jaguar Hunting-  Brazil Panthanal Wildlife        slide show (50)
All are living in the wild....no captive animals here

     © Bob Miller  

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